The Importance of Pest Sanitation

Pests have an innate propensity of being attracted toward certain food types. Therefore the food industry is also a soft target for several different pest types. ProperĀ  pest sanitation in food industry is of vital importance for maintaining the required food safety standards. Being the carriers of various viruses , bacteria and other species, pets often pose a danger to the health of the food processing and handling workers involved.

Failure to take appropriate steps to sanitation pest control can also lead to regulatory action, severe product loss, and a nightmare in public relations. Most significantly, it can destroy the company’s most significant asset, its good reputation.

Types of Pests:

Various types of pests can be present in a food processing plant, depending on climate , geography and the quality of the food ingredients used. The following are some rising pests found in a vast majority of the food manufacturing, packaging and retailing factories.

How To Support Integrated Pest Sanitation

Integrated pest sanitation is an innovative pest control and management strategy that focuses on preventing pests from reaching a given region, rather than removing them after they enter the area. As described below, the approach involves three phases.

Inspection: The first step to protecting the food company from pests is a thorough inspection. The areas you shouldn’t skip are where you can find fresh or processed food. It includes reception docks, food storage rooms, areas vulnerable to spillage, break rooms for staff, etc. Even, don’t forget to check the points of entry and exit, water supplies and harboring areas.

Monitoring and Documentation: Monitor and record thoroughly every phase of inspection and prevention you have taken. Following the introduction of preventive steps, keep a close watch to decide whether any procedural improvements are necessary to control any recurrent problem of infestation. For future references too, documentation is necessary.

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